We will be opening our shop September 2019!!! If you’d like to help us on our journey, check out our kickstarter: http://kck.st/2IPWmp5 Follow us on Instagram & Facebook to keep up to date!

Hello, world! Here we are. We are a queer, family owned cinnamon roll shop serving you, the good people of Portland and beyond, dazzling cinnamon rolls. Not only do we offer 10 magical choices on the menu we also give you all the power to make a personalized masterpiece of your dreams. Oh, and we also serve you, my gluten free friend. Come hang with us and bathe in the glorious smells & tastes of a freshly baked cinna-snail! We’re waiting…

As a small local business, we advocate for big changes. All chocolate toppings & coffee beans are fair trade, all colors are naturally derived & all ingredients are 100% vegan.